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Easter Vigil - 19th April 2014 - 8pm

The Medical Centre is conducting a Bone Density Camp on Saturday, 26th April from 9 am onward. Please register at the Centre from Monday to Friday between 5 and 7 pm. _______________________________

The Jesus Club is organising Vacation Bible Joy for all children from 5th to 9th May from 10 am till 12 noon at St. Peter’s K.G. Kindly register at the Reception. We encourage all parents to register their children so that they can learn more about the Bible. _______________________________

There will be three family holiday camps at our Villa in Lonavala from 8th to 29th May. Forms are available at the Church reception. _______________________________


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St. Peters Church, Bandra

St. Peters Church, Bandra shared a link.

Have you received the forgiveness that Jesus proclaimed? How will you preach this forgiveness today?

These verses contain the appearance of the risen Jesus to the eleven and their companions. Luke’s account has parallels with the accounts found in Matthew, Mark, and John. Here, too, like in the Emmaus story, the disciples are unable to recognize Jesus. When Jesus appears to them and greets them with a wish of peace, they think they are seeing a ghost and so, are frightened and terrified. Jesus’ response to these emotions is to ask why they are frightened and why doubts must arise. In order to prove to them that it is indeed he, Jesus shows them his hands and feet and invites them to touch him. This is to prove that he is not a spirit which has no flesh and bones. Despite this invitation, they continue to doubt. Jesus then asks them for something to eat. He eats what they give him, in front of them. This gesture results in portraying the reality of the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Yet, Luke does not explicitly state that the disciples believed, even after seeing Jesus eat.

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St. Peters Church, Bandra shared a link.

What is it that keeps you from recognizing Jesus? Is it your focus on the negative?

“That very day” – This phrase refers to the immediately preceding scene in which the women who saw the empty tomb return and narrate to the eleven and to all the rest what they had witnessed. The response of those who heard about the empty tomb from the women interpreted it as an “idle tale and they did not believe them” (24:11).

“two of them” – these are not identified, though later we are told that one of them is Cleopas (24:18). Luke could be intending that the reader place him/herself in the position of the ones who are travelling.

“all these things that had happened” – This phrase refers to all that has happened in the passion and death of Jesus.

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