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2019 – Let’s vote for India – our large human family!

Our Eucharistic Prayers at Mass inspire us to action: “Grant that all the faithful of the Church, looking into the signs of the times by the light of faith, may constantly devote themselves to the service of the Gospel”; this service is spelt out further, “May your Church stand as a living witness to truth and freedom, to peace and justice, that all people may be raised up to a new hope”.

Let’s vote for India – our large human family!
  1. The first thing is to make sure we are all enrolled for voting with the Election Commission. In Chhattisgarh recently, many Christians, including a Bishop, found their names missing when they went to vote. We must not let that happen. All eligible to vote in the Parish, Catholics and others, are encouraged to check their names in the rolls immediately – in January itself. May we request the Bombay Catholic Sabha and the ALMs to assist?
  2. The voting percentage in Mumbai has been abysmal in the past. Can we all ensure a 100% attendance of Parishioners and those in our circle of influence? Taking a holiday out of town is immoral on election days.
  3. Our political system is party-based. A good candidate is always a tempting choice but it is the party and its policies or its politics that impacts good governance. Can we evaluate political parties in the coming months on their track record (not on mere statements) on issues of (i) ‘law and order’, (ii) ‘allocation of resources for public health and education’, on (iii) their ‘commitment to the present Indian Constitution’, (iv) the ‘autonomy of institutions like the Reserve Bank, the CBI and the Supreme Court’, (v) ‘giving a fair deal to farmers’, (vi) ‘giving encouragement to job creation through backing small businesses and manufacturers and not only enriching the big capitalists’ and (vii) “not making use of divisive issues to poison the social fabric of our people”. All these, and more, are crucial for the safety and wellbeing of Indians – people of all faith and culture. May our discernment lead us to the right Party to entrust the future of our nation to in these upcoming elections. May the Spirit of Jesus give us wisdom and courage! What would Jesus do in our shoes?

-Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas S.J.

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