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Easter Vigil - 19th April 2014 - 8pm

The Medical Centre is conducting a Bone Density Camp on Saturday, 26th April from 9 am onward. Please register at the Centre from Monday to Friday between 5 and 7 pm. _______________________________

The Jesus Club is organising Vacation Bible Joy for all children from 5th to 9th May from 10 am till 12 noon at St. Peter’s K.G. Kindly register at the Reception. We encourage all parents to register their children so that they can learn more about the Bible. _______________________________

There will be three family holiday camps at our Villa in Lonavala from 8th to 29th May. Forms are available at the Church reception. _______________________________


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Welcome to the world of St. Peter’s Church, Bandra

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St. Peters Church, Bandra

Do join us in wishing our dearest Fr. Francis Juan a very Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless him with good health and happiness :D

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Every Area Starts To Enter Renewal

John Donne the sixteenth century poet ends his poem “Death Be Not Proud” in the following manner: “One short sleep past we wake eternally, And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.”
This is a good summary of the Easter event. Death is no more; death has died because of the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter is primarily a feast of hope. Light has conquered darkness, truth has conquered untruth and eternal life has conquered death. No more will death hold sway, no more will death be a threat, no more will death be something to be feared. Those who believe in the Resurrection can look death in the face and not be afraid. The hope that Easter brings is that no matter how bleak the present might look, no matter how daunting the road ahead might seem, no matter how intimidating the situation at hand might be, one need not give in to despair, one need not give up or give in, one needs only to hope, trust and believe. Jesus went to his death believing his father would raise him on the third day and his Father did.

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