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Dr Nigel Joel Gonsalves, will be available at our Medical Centre for Physiotherapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30 to 7 p.m. ______________________

Musicians and Guitarists are requested to help with the Cantors. Those willing, kindly give your names at the Parish Office. Thanks in advance for your generosity. _________________________________


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Senior Citizen’s Association

The Senior Citizen’s Association is not very old having been founded in 1997. None of its members are decrepit or senile. Sixty is the age of admission.

During many of the functions organized, they participate in quizzes and games that not only allows gives them a mental and physical workout, but also helps them bond socially with each other.

Recently around one hundred members went on picnic to Lonavla. We also have spiritual exercises that help foster closeness to each other and God; we make a pilgrimage to the Mount.

We hold memorial masses for those who have left our midst and gather remembrance card to keep their memory alive.

When the association was established there were fifty members on the rolls; today we have around three hundred. They are always eager to take part in activities, full of spirit bubbling with joy. It is quite evident that while the flesh ages, the spirit remains young, keeping life worth living.

 Those interested in joining our association may obtain forms from the Reception desk at the Parish office.

Representative: Hansel Concessio (9833310793 / 26436999)

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